If you’re producing any multi-page document or publication you’ll need to decide on the best type of binding to suit your needs. There are three main types to choose from – saddle stitched, perfect bound or wiro bound. The purpose and size of your document will determine the type of binding you should use. Here’s guide to help you when it’s time to send your new document to print.


Saddle stitching is a popular, cost-effective method widely used for documents of up to a certain amount of printed pages, determined by paper stock chosen. The sheets are printed on both sides and stacked before being stapled and folded. It’s a simple and low cost solution used for a wide range of publications including brochures, reports, magazines, menus, company booklets and event programmes. The cover can be a heavier paper than the internal pages or your booklet can be self-covering, meaning all printed pages are the same weight. Covers are often laminated making them more durable so the document will stay in good condition longer.

Perfect bound

Perfect bound documents can be up to 700 pages in length. Most books or novels are perfect bound but the method is also commonly used for thicker magazines, catalogues, reports and textbooks. Single pages are stacked and then glued along the spine before the cover is wrapped around and glued on too. The glue used is flexible and very strong so it won’t crack or become weak. Perfect bound books can be printed along the squared-off spine so the publication name is visible when the books are stacked.

Wiro bound

Wiro binding is quick, simple and practical. The stacked leaves are punched with holes along the edge and wire is fed through the holes in a spiral. Wiro bound documents fold right back around and lie completely flat when open. That makes them perfect for reference books, reports, recipe books, presentation documents, diaries and calendars.

At A1 Press we print perfect bound, wiro bound and saddle stitched documents for our business customers. You can choose from a huge range of sizes depending on your chosen binding type. Whatever you decide you’ll have our full range of paper types, weights and finishes to choose from including recycled and luxury paper options. You’ll find everything you need to know on our website. To find out more, get an instant quote and order your job easily from your home, just get in touch.

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