Artwork Guide

When supplying your artwork to us there are just a few steps that need to be taken in order for you to supply us with the correct file; please see the information below.

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Sending Us Your Files

You can send us your files by WeTransfer. It is quick and easy and you can send up to 2GB for FREE. Please include your order no. in the notes area for reference so we can quickly match your artwork to your order.


Note: Email address to send files:

Frequently Asked Questions

Bleed refers to background colours, graphics or images that touch the edge of a page, extending beyond the trim edge and leaving no white margin. If you intend your design to touch the folder edge you need to allow a minimum bleed of 3mm.

All print jobs have a different turnaround time dependent on specific elements of the job. When ordering, please enquire if you need a definite turnaround time or deadline you need us to adhere to.

All files that are provided are run through our system and checked for colour and picture quality, size, including panel sizes if folded, bleed and they are then sent back to you as the client for approval. Any issues with your files will be addressed within this process.

A white label service where boxes are provided without any of our branding is available on any order upon request.

Yes, we just require a PDF which shows a guide for cutting and folding.
Yes, we just require a PDF which shows a guide for cutting and folding.

This is the area where text and important elements should be placed to avoid them being trimmed off or sitting too close to the folder edge. We recommend leaving a margin of 5mm inside the folder trim edge from the edge of the artwork, therefore allowing text and important elements to sit comfortably on the page.  Any background colours, graphics or images can go to the folder edge, and if so must bleed.

Unless spot colours are used, set your artwork files to use overprint.
Include the amount of pages within your artwork that you intend your final print file to be.
We require three different files. One that shows the full artwork, one that shows the artwork with the sections that are being spot UV removed, and lastly a file that identifies just the sections of the artwork you require in SPOT UV.
Yes, all print ready files should include these.